CSM is delighted to partner with Two Rivers Benefits. We first worked together in providing the Employee Retention Credit service that benefited our Christian schools into the millions of dollars. Two Rivers Benefits continues to find innovative ways that our schools can serve their employees better. See whom you might help today!

Live Life Healthy

This is true even though it is too good to be true. Give your employees auxiliary health benefits that are tangible and useable and, at the same time, save the employees money and save the school money. That’s right, so far, 89% of all school employees have qualified with an average increase in take-home pay of $68/month ($816 per year). And schools who Live Life Healthy are saving an average of $710 per employee per year on Payroll Taxes. If you have 10 employees, that’s over $7,000. Look below at the Benefit Store to see how you could double the benefit to the employee and support your retention strategy! 

Employees receive the following at no-net- cost:

  • Additional take-home pay 
  • Preventative healthcare, including prescription drug coverage
  • Money to help pay for hospital stays, er visits and ambulance services
  • Monthly mental health check-in

Employers will also benefit in other ways:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity

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The Benefit Store: A Simplified Way to Protect Your Family and Home

Use savings from Live Life Healthy to provide your employees with benefits that they can choose from. Maybe they already have health through their spouse – this could provide them with life insurance (or even car insurance!) at the best rates. Maybe they could use some supplemental benefits for optical or dental. Maybe, maybe, maybe – the options are endless and the employee is empowered to use what meets their needs today. If you don’t have any benefits at all, start the process by providing each employee with $250 a year, point them to the Benefit Store and the rest might be history. They want benefits? Even if you can’t provide them, they can go to The Benefit Store and find their own – group prices for the individual! The Benefit Store includes: 

  • Low-cost medical benefits (single and family rates).
  • Dental and Vision coverage (single and family rates).
  • Life and Supplemental Insurance.
  • Support for your 65+ employees in getting their Medicare. 
  • Auto insurance.
  • Home and renter’s insurance. 
  • Tele medicine option. 
  • Weight loss programs. 

It really is a Store! 

Who can use it? Anyone in your employ!

  • Available to full time, part time and adjunct employees.
  • No employer contributions required.
  • No minimum participation needed.
  • No administration needed (no work for the school). 

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Are one or more of your employees till paying down their student loans? See if we can help you have them vanish! Millions of borrowers like you deal with the burden of crushing student loan debt. Find out how GradFin can help you tackle that debt. If you're a full-time employee of a non-profit private school, your employment could meet the requirements for PSLF, regardless of your position (teacher, administrator, support staff, etc.). You can take advantage of several loan forgiveness programs offered by the government and state.

  • GradFin conducts one-on-one consultations with borrowers to educate them on their student loan options free of charge.
  • We help you stay on track with program requirements.
  • The PSLF application process can be complicated and stressful. Gradfin’s main goal is to provide clear action items to remain aligned with the complex PSLF laws. This gives you peace of mind that your federal loans are on track for forgiveness.
  • Personalized plan including onboarding, annual review, and assisting with appeals to the DoE to get past payments counted towards forgiveness.


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Education Loans at Better Rates: Refinance or Obtain

We have such a large pool of students that we can negotiate the best rates in the marketplace. We look for those rates on a daily basis to ensure we are getting you the best deal possible. It’s not magic. It’s the combination of a large pool and hard work. 



  • Learn about your payment options and see if there are opportunities to reduce your monthly payments.
  • Refinancing offers exclusive discounts and cash bonuses not found anywhere else



  • With our bank partners, borrowers can choose from a variety of fixed and variable loan terms between 5 and 20 years.
  • New student loans for undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Lowest rates guaranteed or provide 1% as a cash back bonus.


Contact Ron to find out more.


Ron Gates: Rgates@tworiverbenefits.com


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