Our unique systematic approach to leadership and management always leaves you with newfound hope, tangible next steps, a stronger team, a more effective Board, and the most important thing of all – a school that is better able to meet the needs of its children. Why? Because effective management and leadership changes the lives of each person in your school.



  1. Fierce focus on holding you accountable to your mission.
  2. Unyielding pressure to move to full enrollment.
  3. Strategic wisdom that brings hope today and sustainability tomorrow.
  4. Fusion of faith and data to drive measurable results.
  5. A powerful synergy between mission, student transformation, and the school’s systems, processes, key metrics, and culture.


Enrollment Increase and Extending God’s Kingdom

Magnify your witness to God’s love in your neighborhoods and be a magnet for families filling your classes!

Strategic Planning and Strategic Financial Management

Your Strategic Plan is your VISION in action. Develop an amazing relationship between Board and Principal. Everyone is committed to discipline and patience over time under prayer.

Strategic Academic Planning

Engage your faithful and motivated teachers with a three year rolling plan that serves each child excellently. Stay competitive! Use the resources God has given to drive success for every student.

School Board / Board of Trustees Retreat

Lead the Board forward in service to the Principal. See deep thinking develop, trusting relationships flower, and humble servant leadership have the spiritual depth to flourish.

Annual Giving and the Generosity of God’s People

Move from just giving to INSPIRED giving! Nothing is so
much fun as teaching people how to respect, honor, and steward their donors so that they invest even more in the education of children every year.

Scheduling and the Whole Child

Time is sacred. Each minute is given to us for a purpose. Leading and serving our children is done sacred minute by sacred minute. Change culture! Take practice to the next level! Maximize each child’s God-given potential!

Create Your Own

Your school is genuinely unique. We are here to serve you and will partner with you in the way that is most useful to you. Tell us your custom requirements and we will work together to develop a custom consult meeting your very specific needs.

Online Consulting

Let us help you carry out a Management Structure Analysis, navigate an emotional conversation to update the Mission, spur deep thinking about Schedule, train your new Business Manager, work with a Board Committee. No travel! No expenses! Just the satisfaction of your school making transformational progress.

Management Structure Analysis

You are the Principal / Head of School. Who reports to you? Who reports to them? That’s management structure! But how do you know whether you have the right positions or structure for the size of school you have, or where you are in your life-cycle?


Talking about Race is hard. And we know that we have to do it in our schools. But how? Partner with CSM and Third Option City to train in ChristianConversation.

Strategic Health Check

The CSM Strategic Health Check considers your Christian school from top to bottom through the lens of
Scripture, research, and experience.



  1. Direction and acute insight leading to effective execution of mission.
  2. Spiritual counsel speaking systematically into your vocation.
  3. Space to hear your own voice and receive affirmation and challenge.
  4. Dispassionate advice – the cold data others aren’t giving you.
  5. Always the tangible reality of Hope.


Our pricing structure is proportional to one annual tuition.

Example: Your school’s K-12 tuition is $7,800. If our consulting services costs “.6,” that means $7,800 * .6 = $4,680.



CSM Consultant

Mission-driven, spiritually committed, and leading by example are the three most important values that a Christian education leader can have, and Aaron Coon exemplifies all three of these areas.

Aaron attended the University of Valley Forge and worked as an executive leader in a Fortune 500 company for 10 years.  Since 2003, he has provided strong spiritual, academic, and business leadership as the head of the Calvary Christian Academy in Dover DE.  In those 19 years, he served first as a board member providing valuable guidance from his previous experience as an assistant vice-president of one of America’s largest banks, eventually stepping in as school administrator in 2005.  At that time the school was experiencing growing pains and financial challenges, which called for experienced management and strategic financial planning. Over the next few years, Aaron developed an outstanding team of experienced teaching professionals to anchor the school’s academic and spiritual commitment to excellence. 

Under his steady leadership and care, Calvary Christian Academy has grown spiritually, academically, and financially and now ministers to 380 students on three campuses.  Plans for expansion of the school’s outreach are currently underway and will include additional sites across the county and a non-profit business to support the endowment program for the school. 

Aaron and his wife Jen have three children, and when not working on the many projects around the school and church, he loves to surf-fishing, enjoy nature and loves to spend time with family.


CSM Consultant

Greg is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with demonstrated​ results​ in nonprofit organizations, fundraising, strategic planning, board development, and team building.  

Currently, Greg is the Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan, an independent community foundation managing charitable funds and distributing grants for a variety of ministries throughout the 11-county area.  Donors work with Greg and the Foundation of West Michigan to amplify their giving impact and manifest God’s love in the world.

Formerly, Greg served as the Principal/CEO of Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School, the nation’s oldest Catholic, co-ed, diocesan high school.  For eleven years, he directed a multi-faceted operation with core beliefs that schools must know their purpose, have high expectations, and offer relentless support to students.

Under his leadership, Catholic Central High School completed a $20M capital campaign, the largest in the school’s history. These investments included an athletic complex, STEAM Center, and Student Center to support a bold academic vision that resulted in a student-centered schedule,1:1 technology, new grading scale, a student support service program, and a college counseling model.

Greg holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Education from John Carroll University and received the Dr. Francis T. Huck Scholastic Achievement Award in Education.  He earned his MA in Educational Leadership from Providence College. 

Greg and his wife, Caroline, have four children. His hobbies include traveling, hiking, cycling, music, podcasts, and literature.


CSM Consultant

Thomas DeJonge serves as Superintendent of Grand Rapids Christian Schools, a private, faith-based school system that enrolls 2,350 students in Preschool – 12th Grade on five (5) campuses located throughout the Grand Rapids community. He has held that position since 2004.  Prior to serving as GRCS’ Superintendent, Mr. DeJonge served for 25 years in building-level and central administrative and teaching positions in public schools located throughout West Michigan, including serving two years as Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, three years as Director of Community and Human Relations, 13 years as an elementary principal, and seven years as an elementary special education and early childhood classroom teacher.

Under his leadership as superintendent, Grand Rapids Christian Schools has:

  • raised and invested more than $70 million in new capital construction and facility renovations at each of the district’s five campuses, including more than $45 million at Grand Rapids Christian High School alone, in order to ensure GRCS’ facilities align with and support its broad range of educational programs and instructional priorities;
  • eliminated nearly $23 million in operational debt;
  • increased the Grand Rapids Christian School Foundation from $4 million to more than $16 million;
  • doubled the Schools’ annual fund, which provides resources for financial aid and educational programs, to nearly $1.7 million per year; and
  • revised Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ Articles of Incorporation, governing bylaws, governance structures, and policy handbook.

Mr. DeJonge has extensive experience in strategic planning, spearheading three strategic plans in his tenure as GRCS’ superintendent.

Mr. DeJonge resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife, Jacquie, a School Psychologist. He has two adult children: Leah DeJonge Rinker, a teacher at Wheaton Academy, a faith-based high school located in suburban Chicago; and Austin DeJonge, a senior art director at VML, an advertising agency located in New Your City.


CSM Consultant

Marlin Groff 


CSM Consultant

Brian Hazeltine


CSM Consultant, Executive Coach, and Executive Director

Simon is co-founder and Executive Director of Christian School Management. CSM’s mission is For Jesus; Through Mission; With Students. Simon is passionate about ensuring that every seat in every Christian school is full and that every student in those seats is having a joyful, transformative experience. 

He consults onsite and online with Christian schools across North America. He writes Entheos (the free CSM weekly advice and counsel letter), and works to extend God’s kingdom by coaching and training other Christian school leaders to transform the Christian School Movement. 

Since co-founding CSM, Simon has worked with Christian schools in strategic health checks, strategic planning, strategic financial management, strategic academic planning, scheduling, management structure analysis, mission review, school by-law review, enrollment recovery, inbound and word-of-mouth marketing, Board retreats, Executive Coaching, and website content review and development. 

From 1977 – 2003, Simon carried out his vocation in Christian schools in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. He was a teacher, administrator, Headmaster, and school founder. He worked in residential, day, single-sex, co-ed, K-12 schools. He was a finalist in Canada’s Excellence in Teaching History Award. 

From 2003 – 2017, Simon was a Senior Consultant for Independent School Management (ISM), an international research-based consulting company. In that context, he worked in five countries and in over 150 schools. He was a lead writer and author for ISM’s publications including being a major contributor to Ideas and Perspectives.

He continues to keynote, speak, and lead workshops at educational conferences that have included PNAIS, ERB, VAIS, AMS, CASE (2010, 2016 Stellar Speaker), ISAS, NJAIS, ACSI, CAIS, AISNE, NCAIS, ASB Un-Plugged, SAES, FCIS, CSI, LLI, CBOA, LEA, US Play Coalition, CESA, MACSA, IACS, Heartland Christian Schools, the Bluewater Conference. He partnered with ACSI as part of their LeadershipU Program for two years. He taught one class on Christian School Finances for Dordt University and really enjoyed it! 

Simon earned his MA from the University of Oxford (School of Modern History), his BEd (Hons.) from the University of Lethbridge, and his MEd (Educational Leadership) from Concordia University. As a believer in life-long learning, he:

  • has taken graduate and other courses from Prairie Bible Institute, Athabasca University, and the University of Western Ontario
  • attended the Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC, and is certified to carry out/coach 360° Assessments; participated in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School; trained in De Bono Six Hats/Creative Thinking, Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, Kiersey’s Temperament Sorter; Key Principles of Servant Leadership from the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

As a professional writer, Simon has written three books for CSM:

  1. A Call to Authentic School Trusteeship: The CSM Christian School Trustee Handbook (2017)
  2. Stewards of Transformation: the Board President / School Head Partnership (2018)
  3. Enrollment and Christian Schools: Extending God’s Kingdom (2020)

He co-authored a 4th book – The CSM Christian School Leader’s Devotional: A Journey of Challenge, Comfort, and Transformation (2019). He is currently working on The Stewardship of Sacred Time: Scheduling for Christian School Students.

Mr. Jeynes is married with four children, two dogs, a bird, and many bird feeders. He is delighted that three of his children are now at university. He attends The Gathering Place and occasionally preaches there. 

He is proud to be a dual Canadian / American citizen. 

20 Kyle Drive PO Box 1722, Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada N0P  



CSM Consultant

Inspired by her Australia roots, Jenny went “walkabout”: a backpacking journey around the world as a younger educator. Why? She wanted her traditional education to come to life! The process of interacting with cultures different to her own, reading literature from a global perspective and having time to delve into her own spiritual journey led to her commitment to education, one where each child is visible and celebrated.

Jenny is a learner, a teacher, a consultant and an administrator. For 20 years, she taught extensively in private and public schools in Australia and the United States of America. As a student and a teacher she values questions that are generative, insights that are creative and strategic and language that leads to “YES”!  She’s developed expertise in enrollment growth (FCIS), Professional Growth and Compensation (twice presented at NAIS), strategic planning, leadership coaching and philanthropy. Jenny taught in five schools in both Australia and the U.S.A. (from kindergarten through eighth grade). She has also engaged in adult education for pre-service teachers and teachers.

Consulting experiences include Independent School Management (ISM), Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, Chicago Art Institute and Oak Park Public Schools. Serving on the World Peace Game Foundation Board and earning The Golden Apple Award have been great honors. Jenny has a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She also has a Master of Science from Rosary College, Illinois, USA.

During her tenure as divisional director at Miami Country Day School, she modeled her belief in hiring the right people for the position, providing the resources each one needed, conversing about each person’s strengths and encouraging the person to “fly”.  Outcomes included an increase in enrollment from 335 to 520 and the establishing of her division as a magnet for the best teachers coming into the area. Great experiences for students come from educators who thrive in an environment where they are valued, challenged and converse with inspiring colleagues… just like CSM!


CSM Consultant

Cade Lambert has served as Superintendent of Des Moines Christian School (DMC) in Urbandale, IA, for the last two years. He previously served as Head of School at New Life Academy in Minnesota. His education experience also includes a stint as Elementary Principal at DMC and as a public school classroom teacher. He is passionate about strategically leading organizations in a way that maximizes resources, builds capacity, creates community, and closes the achievement/potential gap. Over his tenure as a school head, he has been involved in two separate capital campaigns that totaled over $15 million in fundraising and construction.

He has lead his schools through the strategic planning process and strategic execution. At Des Moines Christian, he is responsible for a $10 million operating budget, 1100 students, and over 200 full and part-time staff. In addition to his formal work, Cade has served on the Presidential Advisory Team for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), as a mentor for ACSI’s Leadership U head of school development program, and as an elder in his local church. He is excited about building healthy schools through best practice in school governance, leadership, finances, and fundraising. Cade holds degrees from the University of Northwestern (St. Paul) and Iowa State University in Elementary Education (BS) and Educational Leadership and Administration (M.Ed.), respectively. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Urbandale with their four children.


CSM Consultant

Bill Simmer, also known as “Wild Bill,” for his entertaining presentation style, and no-nonsense approach to Christian Leadership, has been working with Private/Independent schools on both the secondary and post-secondary levels, for over 25 years. Bill has served as a faculty member, as well as in multiple administrative roles within schools. He has also been both a private school parent and student himself.  For the last 14 years Bill has been a consultant and workshop leader to private/independent schools around the nation. He has served schools in the areas of Admissions, Enrollment & Re-Enrollment, Faculty Culture/Performance/Evaluation/Induction, Academic Leadership, Parent Relations, Advisory Program Development, Board Governance, and Head Coaching & Support. Through his relationship with multiple educational associations around the nation Bill has had the joy of teaching over 180 workshops nationwide.

Bill worked in the secular business context through his 20’s, with a focus on marketing, fund raising, and operational leadership. As he approached his 30’s, God called him into ministry. Through his 30’s, Bill taught and worked as a Dean of Students/Director of Student Life at two Seminary’s, International College and Graduate School (Honolulu HI), and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest, NC). In both Seminaries, as in his secular work prior to this stage, he made significant progress toward professionalizing programs, attracting and retaining quality personnel, and insisting on a level of excellence that drove the mission and outcomes of the institutions he served.

In the process of trying to help his children’s Classical Christian School professionalize its Admission and Re-Recruitment efforts, Bill came to the conclusion that the K-12 Christian school was “where the action was.” He developed a growing desire to “reach them BEFORE they get to seminary” and to expand his ministry outside of the “seminary bubble.” His passion is to see spiritual formation programs move beyond chapel and some bible classes to true program integration that leads to genuine life transformation in the lives of Children. The end goal is to reach “the Head, the Hand, and the Heart” and to see children truly become a “co-laborer” and “friend” of God.

As a teacher, Bill’s background is in Theology, Philosophy, Western Thought, Rhetoric, and Logic. He created a Worldview curriculum for 8th/9th graders that was highly successful and well received (even loved) by his students. Bill has taught students of all ages, from Kindergarten to College. He has worked with both “gifted” as well as “at-risk” students, as well as both Seminarians and convicts in penal institutions. He has taught on both the graduate and undergraduate level.


Those that have worked with Bill will tell you that Christian schools “run through his veins.” His life mission is to “Empower school leaders to enhance the student experience in ways that transform children’s lives and empower the coming generation to see God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.”


CSM Consultant

Dan has been a Christian educator for over 30 years, serving in educational leadership roles for over 20 of those years. After starting his career in New Jersey as a mathematics teacher, coach, and advisor, he rapidly ascended to school and district leadership roles, including 15 years as a High School Principal and Superintendent. Under Dan’s tenure as Principal of High Technology High School, the school rose to the #1 rank of US high schools (according to US News & World Report). He has served in Christian School leadership positions for the past five years in New Jersey and North Carolina.

Dan’s outstanding communication skills and ability to create strong school community relationships have been his greatest quality as an educational leader. Student and parent voice has always been a top priority, which is supported by his personalized focus on the needs of each individual student, with unique talents and potential. His servant leadership model has been an inspiration for colleagues and students alike to challenge themselves and aspire for greatness.

Dan is a CSM Consultant, Maxwell Leadership Coach, and Lead Facilitator for Third Option City Similarity Training.


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