Christian School Management Consulting brings together gifted Christian leaders and your school in a relationship that brings hope, research, experience, and mission leadership infused by Scriptural understanding.

Enrollment Decline?

It’s why CSM began: to help you reverse your decline and become a
bastion of God’s love in your neighborhoods!

Strategic Planning?

We are caring, efficient, and never forget that everything has to be paid for!


We “pray” with you spiritually and practically – every conversation has
accountability, practical advice, connection to your strategic goals, and relational understanding
built in!

Faculty Professional Development?

We bring in real teachers who, from their own classroom
genius, listen, demonstrate, and plan with your teachers for ongoing change and success!

Board Leadership?

We so admire the dedication of volunteers who want to see God’s kingdom here on earth – we bring researched practices, practical steps, and inspiration for the journey!


Nothing is so much fun as teaching people how to respect, honor, and steward their donors so that they invest even more in the education of children!


Yes, even faculty will love to tell your story and make it their own by the time we are finished working together!


Proportional to your tuition so you know your dreams are within your reach.

Fill in the form and we will be in contact as soon as possible to begin your CSM partnership. The future is now.