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CESA Symposium 2019

This year in our nation’s capital, Christian school leaders will come together to consider questions and explore solutions germane to positioning our schools and our gradu

October 7-October 8
October 18-October 18

Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association

Declining enrollment for the Christian School dissipates mission, endangers financial sustainability, and undermines the school’s culture. Every section with empty seats m

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The CSM Consultant Training sessions are designed for school leaders, practicing or considering a new stage in their journey, to examine what CSM stands for and begin the pr

November 20-November 21

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https://t.co/zjaNQw4mrn So this is interesting. If I give you a reward for perfect attendance, does that mean that perfect attendance is not an assumed norm? Is it therefore surprising that when I take the award away, attendance gets worse? No of course not. How stupid we are!!

https://t.co/zjaNQw4mrn Another nail in the coffin of Skinnerian motivation for human beings. Or, rather, Skinner was right so why are we still demotivating our children? I wish external motivators was a coffin. But schools are still treating children like dogs and mice.

https://t.co/TSw0HjXJGG Graduation rates have risen but has student learning? Student scores have increased but is that evidence of deeper understanding? General thought in this research study is that end of course exams is a 'good' thing. Europeans have done this for decades.

https://t.co/j3lJbmCOda "To abandon morality and religion when trying to teach SEL is to abandon almost every established instructional tool at our disposal". Strong words but with more than an ounce of truth to them. "The biggest challenge in education is motivation"

https://t.co/j3lJbmCOda "Why should students be conscientious? Why should they be honest punctual and careful in their work?" SEL with a moral / religious footing is surely more powerful than promising a high paying job!

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