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Christian education is undergoing massive change-and that change is accompanied by both peril and opportunity. We desire to work with Christian educators to perceive what Go

March 3-March 6
July 20-July 24

2020 CSM Transformation Academy

Principal / Head of School Professional Learning and Certification Learn a lot. Learn intensely. Practice what you learn. Learn with a professional mentor. This is the learn

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https://buff.ly/2QbxYU3 Christian educators must treat every child as gifted. How many millions of children have we wasted by telling them explicitly/implicitly they are not gifted. Blasphemy and a slur on the name of God. #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/2QbxYU3 What we're getting wrong is the very concept of gifted education. What is everyone else? Dumb as two short planks? The results speak for themselves. Pygmalion is true - you get what you believe. #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/2uY9KEF Whether in the 20th or 21st centuries, children are naturally curious, critical thinkers, absorbed in problem solving. Teachers need to be taught to listen a lot more than be taught to do. #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/2uY9KEF What is inquiry learning? Project based learning? Hands on learning? Nothing othing that needs 25 million workshops. Just listen to kids and their passions as this teacher did and then be a teacher. #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/37HxUQT Join me for Innovative Leadership days. Designed for Heads of School and other key school leaders.
Mid-West (Simon Jeynes)
February 24-25, 2020 (Elgin, IL)
February 27-28, 2020 (Worthington, OH)
March 5-6, 2020 (Chaska, MN)

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