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Chief Financial Officer
Executive Director

August 1 2017
Education K-12 Christian schools with tuition under $12,775 Membership
14 (2017-18)
February 4th 2018 - published weekly
ACSI- California/Hawaii; CESA; IACS; MACSA
Transformation Academy July 22 - 26, 2019
Lausanne Learning (teacher professional development)
Metro Merchant Services (epayment processing solutions)
Jim Primus


Mission Statement 

For Jesus; Through Mission; With Students


A Christian Education for Children Everywhere


“on earth as it is in heaven”

Key Words 

Partnership; Leadership; Transformation

Driving Force

To reverse the tragic decline in Christian Education

The Five Promises

We make a 5 Point Promise

Promise One: We will always bring hope

Promise Two: We will always challenge you to take the next step

Promise Three: We will always work to make you independent, not co-dependent

Promise Four: We will always help you deepen your faith as we help you become more expert in your practice

Promise Five: We will always ask you to do things that are believable, doable, and affordable

Member Benefits:

  • Access to CSM resources
  • Access to CSM consulting
  • Access to CSM services
  • Up to date research
  • Entheos weekly
  • Support the revival and growth of Christian education
  • Be part of a resurrection community

"We’re totally blessed. We got more than what we expected and it was worth more than the paycheck. It was a value, not an expense. We’re excited."

Grace Christian School, Bennington, VT

What would help you most in your school?


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