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Declining enrollment for the Christian School dissipates mission, endangers financial sustainability, and undermines the school’s culture. Every section with empty seats m

October 18-October 18
November 20-November 21

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The CSM Consultant Training sessions are designed for school leaders, practicing or considering a new stage in their journey, to examine what CSM stands for and begin the pr

The Annual Christian Montessori Fellowship Conference

Session I  8:15-10:15 The Intersection of Money & Mission: Strategic Finance For School Leaders Money and Mission have an intimate connection for both individuals and o

January 17-January 19

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https://t.co/DRhuDJJw2C Another reminder that the brain works on content. No content - no thinking. It's not about doing the average of content and critical thinking, it's identifying who and when a student or a class needs to 'know' before they can think. #christianschools

https://t.co/sVm2AA8OI3 Recommended prompt from educator Deb Bova. Ask parents to tell about their child: "In a million words or less, tell me about your child". A little humor goes a long way! Something to add to your bag of tricks in your parent relations. #christianschools

https://t.co/sVm2AA8OI3 Another useful and interesting article by Rick Wormeli. He is always worth reading. His book Fair Isn't Always Equal is a classic. Just came out with a second edition (2018). Have to get it!! #christianeducation #christianschools #christianschoolmanagement

August2, 2019 (Vol. LXV, #38, pp. A12-A15) Chronicle of Higher Learning - Grades can Undermine Learning. Good Grief! We've known this for decades; research goes back to the 1980s at least. We're still doing it. Can anyone tell me why? #christianeducation #christiaschoolmanagement

https://t.co/31s0Cs7VyP Very interesting site with cool women on a cool map. They're still working on the modules but keep it tagged to check back on. Of course, the page leads to all kinds of other juicy things as well! #christianschools @christianeducation

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