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Simon Jeynes and Bill Simmer will talk about the following article from Entheos: The Three Principles of Christian Marketing Enjoy and join in a wide-ranging conversation us

June 2-June 2
June 2-June 2

The Revolution Webinar: Christian School Finances: Key Performance Indicators

Simon Jeynes, CSM Executive Director, reviews the signs of a healthy budget. The budget is a moral document, not just a collection of numbers. Let’s explore what makes the

The Christian Movement Seminar: What Do We Need to Learn from COVID 19? Spiritual Life and Formation

This seminar will invite all participants to bring feedback about the strength of the spiritual life in their online learning experience. Teachers are connecting with childr

June 2-June 2

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https://buff.ly/3gpeshi Christian educators should teach their students to celebrate August 18. Why? Because our faith is fundamentally subversive as Nietzsche knew, pointing out Christ's lifting up of the poor and meek. And female.#christianeducation #christianschools

https://buff.ly/3gpeshi Why should Christian educators care that women got the vote? Because God the Creator made man and woman equally "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." #christianschools

https://buff.ly/3gpeshi Preparing for next year over the summer; talking with your children? Use these great resources to remember and teach that women had to FIGHT to get the vote! Commemorate the Centennial! #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/3gpeshi Any idea what the 19th amendment is? No? Shame! It gave women the right to vote. And the centennial is coming up on August 18th. Use these great resources to educate your children at all ages. #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

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