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Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Workshop

Driving Enrollment & Re-Enrollment for Small to Medium Size Christian Schools Workshop Leader – Bill Simmer, Senior Consultant for Christian School Management At the c

January 23-January 23
February 28-March 2

2021 CSM Transformation Leadership Academy (Part one Sophia)

Transformation Leadership Academy is designed for: Those who would like to become a Principal / Head of School and would like to start their new position on the ground run

July 20-July 23

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Before leaving office, President Barack Obama awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom – to his vice president. President Donald Trump’s has presented honors to Nunes, and 3 golfers. To his vice president, Trump bestowed the label of coward.

With guns drawn on the U.S. House floor (!), and reports of one person shot, this is the most vicious breach of the Capitol since the British Army attacked in 1814, during one of the most ominous moments of the War of 1812.

https://buff.ly/3hJYyzi Why do administrators observe teachers? There's very little utility in it. What is helpful if teachers observe their peers in clinical observation mode and then they talk about it. Let teachers lead. #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/3hJYyzi What predicts motivation and achievement? The family is the largest contributor - SES, education, literacy etc. So teachers are there to maximize what is already there. #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/3hJYyzi Once again, research shows that teacher observations are a waste of time IF USED FOR EVALUATION purposes. They can and should only be used for coaching purposes. #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

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