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Richard DuFour's Four Questions: "What do we want students to learn? How will we know if they have learned it? What will we do if they have not? and What will we do if they already have?" Good aren't they? #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/3cncWux "I have taken tests that included entire topics we never mastered, because we were not able to get through the lesson or we couldn’t sufficiently focus." What does it take to train effective teachers? #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

The US has now "stabilized" our COVID cases at 30,000 - 40,000. We were panicked in April at the height when it was typically under 30,000. Are we truly numb to suffering and death? What do we tell our children? #christianschools #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/2YCvemI "I have been doing distance learning and find that I am learning more than. I can work at my own pace without being interrupted by disruptive students and teachers." Who says anyone can learn? #christianschool #christianeducation @ChristianSchMgt

https://buff.ly/3k4Skdd "For instance, far fewer teens (24%) than parents (43%) say that religion is very important in their lives." #christianeducation #christianschools @ChristianSchMgt

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