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January 15-January 17
February 28-March 2

2021 CSM Transformation Leadership Academy (Part one Sophia)

Transformation Leadership Academy is designed for: Those who would like to become a Principal / Head of School and would like to start their new position on the ground run

July 20-July 23

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https://buff.ly/39lsVtV It's Thanksgiving we celebrated. Or was it the Day of Mourning? What does it mean to follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life? If life is connected to truth, then Christian schools should also be on the side of life. #christianschools #christianeducation

https://buff.ly/2Kebhh3 hearing a lot about 'me' and COVID. "I have rights". It's not the way Christians have witnessed in plagues for 2,000 years. There is no "I" in Love Your Neighbor. Our children need to see, not fear, not stupidity, but fearless love in action.

Hearing a lot about religious liberty and COVID. Watched a Christian music rally wend its way across the south. God loves it when we worship him. He is sorrowful when we bury our neighbors friends parents, children. What does 250,000 mean to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

Hearing a lot about it's God's will and COVID. Good reason not to wear a mask. Except that the same people seem to be wearing /advocating small and large guns.Of course, we should be about God's will. But if you take off the mask, take off the gun as well. Children are watching.

Hearing a lot about COVID 'fatigue'. Really? It's only been 6 months! Thank God that God doesn't get fatigued loving us. Took 2,000 years for Jesus to come and it's 2000 years and counting for his return. If you're a Christian, stop the fatigue nonsense. Live love.

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