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Students Navigating the Future with Faith: Knowing Their Path and Moving Forward with Confidence and Hope.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

It's a timeless question we've all been asked. For some, the answer is clear from a young age, but for others, this is a persistent struggle, even into adulthood. In our Biblically-based, comprehensive counseling program, we guide your high school students through these pivotal decisions about vocation, college, and careers, all within the light of their faith.

Here's how we can support your mission:

Guided by Faith: VCC Counseling embraces Christian principles, helping students to align their vocation/college/career choices with their faith and values.
Tailored Career Exploration: VCC Counseling provides personalized guidance for students to uncover their God-given talents and explore how these can be fulfilled in their future studies and careers.
Strategic College Planning: VCC Counseling resources and support students in preparing for colleges that not only match their academic interests but also nurture their spiritual growth.
Discovering One's Calling: VCC Counseling assists students in finding their true calling, ensuring their career path is both meaningful and aligned with God's plan for them.

Partnering With Parents: We include your parents in the process allowing them to understand what the path is, how to support their child, and giving them the chance to ask questions.
A Strategic Advantage: You should market this program as a distinctive that even large schools can’t compete with.

If you are interested in learning more, we run periodic webinars – check below to see when our next free learning webinar will be run.

Or contact Daniel Simon directly at [email protected]

This service is infinitely customizable to where you are as a school and what makes the best sense for you. As always, CSM strives to make you independent, not co-dependent. This is not intended to be a forever service but, rather, one where you are empowered to carry out this important work with your students yourselves.

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