This educational course provides all Trustees and school leaders with the key Principles through which they can operate and govern the Christian school with confidence. The Principles provide encouragement and direction as you bring about God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).  


  1. Introduction to the 7 Principles
  2. The Kingdom Principle
  3. The Child Principle
  4. The Cord Principle
  5. The Servant-Leader Principle
  6. The Ox Principle
  7. The Love Principle
  8. The Mary Principle
  9. Conclusion

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CSM has identified the key lenses through which Boards and Principals / Heads of School can see the most relevant issues that need to be addressed for their schools. These lenses or Principles are not answers to the problems; they are right ways for thinking about the problems. They provide both research, experience, and spiritual context for each area of management/leadership. It is particularly important to ask what makes each of these lenses Christian. There is much excellent secular advice around but a Biblical understanding suggests how, when we begin with Jesus, we just see the world differently. 

The course Understanding the 7 Principles of CSM takes you through each one of these lenses and provides you with scenarios so that you can apply these Principles in the context of your own school. For example:

  • The Board has a number of members who don’t really understand finances. It their background and not the primary reason for joining the Board. But they are equally responsible, even legally responsible, for the annual budget and the fiscal health of the school they serve. How will they be able to identify the really important numbers in all those spreadsheets? The Ox Principle offers a way through, identifying the key performance indicators that predict ongoing strategic financial health. 
  • The Principal is reviewing faculty performance in the ongoing work of improving student outcomes. There are literally thousands of books and articles talking about teachers and teaching. What should the Principal look for in the qualities of a Christian teacher that are truly difference makers? Everything seems to be important but not everything can be a non-negotiable and people are different from each other. The Servant-Leader and the Child Principle offer a way through, identifying attitudes that are essential (of the essence) to Christian teaching and to student outcomes. 
  • There is a debate about raising money through events and donations. There are a number of fund-raising firms and newsletters and lots of advice that seems to come from a number of angles. And everyone has their own experience to bring to the table. Is there a Christian viewpoint that trumps the others and how do we really know the right approach? The Mary Principle offers a way through, identifying the important aspects of philanthropy that all Christian schools should demonstrate.

Going through this course helps you recognize that there are many actions you can take but only some of them matter. Going through this course helps you see a variety of approaches but only some are good for your school. It is valuable for all Trustees and school leaders. 

Each module includes scenarios, information, exercises, and fun quizzes, all in an interactive format. The entire set will take about 45 minutes to complete. You can stop and start at any time. You can do it from any location with an internet connection. This educational course should be part of the ongoing professional development for any Trustee and required education for any Christian school leader. 

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