CSM, Charter Oak Research, and Cairn University are delighted to collaborate together and with you to drive Christian leadership in our Christian schools.

How did you become a Principal or Head of School? Do you want to become a Principal or Head of School? 87% of you came from the teaching ranks. What preparation were you given for your CEO task? Likely very little. You learn on the job, lean on peers for advice and experience, slowly build your own experiences and wisdom.

Our training/certification relies on embedded Biblical thinking; deep understanding of research across many fields including education itself, psychology, sociology, economics, statistics, history; direct contact and research across hundreds of schools across North America (and some beyond!); personal interviews with thousands of students, parents, faculty, administrators, and trustees; sophisticated data collection and analysis; miracles founded in bringing our loaves and fish to the Father; faith in the resurrected Son of God, Jesus.

We do not rely on anecdote, proceeding by mistake (although we are not perfect!), guesswork, blind miracles.

Our training puts you in a position to lead, to lead better. Yours will be a leadership of profound hope. Outcomes will include:

  • A sustainable vocation
  • Joyful and successful students
  • Robust enrollment
  • Higher annual giving
  • Effective Boards
  • Strong relationships with parents
  • Excellent retention of students

There are three steps:

Step One: Transformation Academy

Mission: To train, mentor, and inspire a generation of Christian school leaders who will transform their schools with and for the next generation of children to powerfully impact the world for Jesus.

Place: TBD

Date: July 20-24, 2020

Teaching / Coaching Process:  Reflection (a metacognitive process); teaching (direct instruction); using your own school’s data (putting knowledge into action); worship and celebration (bowing before the Trinity)

Individual Consultations with Academy Faculty are available in the breaks and might include:

  • application of teaching to their own unique circumstances
  • discussion of a topic not covered that is applicable to them
  • coaching of conflict situations
  • deeper searching in their own vocations
  • developing plans to implement when they return


  1. Novice Leader (aspiring Principal/Head of School or in the first 5 years of leadership)
  2. Experienced Leader (at least 3 years of leadership)
  3. Mentor Leader (at least 7 years of leadership and taken Level 2/Sophia)

Step Two: Mentoring

Jesus said: “Therefore, I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers.” (Matthew 23: 24)

The mentor is a teacher (can instruct), a sage (can listen and interpret), and a prophet (can anticipate). The mentor engages with each leader in eight monthly sessions of 90 minutes, typically through a video conference. This helps both in the ongoing implementation of the leader’s plan as well as the completion of the project.

Step Three: Certification

The project is qualified by the Transformation Academy faculty. Once this has been done, the leader gains a Leadership Qualification endorsed by Christian School Management and Charter Oak Research:

Level One: Kletos (Called)

Level Two: Sophia (Wisdom)

Level Three: Poimen (Shepherd)

Cost: (includes teaching, lodging, food, mentoring, project evaluation, certification - does not include travel)

60% of the school’s average K-12 tuition levels e.g.

K-5 tuition       $6500

6-8 tuition       $7500

9-12 tuition     $8500

Average of $7500 – 60% is $4,500 (minimum of $2700 and a maximum of $7500)

Please download the Syllabus here.

Christian School Management and Charter Oak Research are committed to: 

  • Following Jesus

We welcome and invite all who want to become Christian school leaders and/or want to deepen their Christian school leadership. At Transformation Academy, we are not Evangelicals, Reformed, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Baptist; we are followers of Jesus who called us to be one (John 17:11).

  • Service in the Real World

We are first of all washers of feet (John 17: 26). We are Jesus’ hands in the real world, serving our children in grace and truth. If we are not willing to take off our outer garments, pick up a bowl of water, and kneel on the ground, we cannot be transformational.

  • Trusting God

We are not blind in our trust. We open our eyes and we see the witness of Jesus, believe him in his prayer to the Father to protect us (John 17: 15), and walk in the power of the Spirit. We acknowledge our task to bring the loaves and fish; we are confident in the miracle that He will perform.

  • Being messengers

We believe we are sent (John 17: 18, 20). We have a task to do, not a job to have. We are vocational, called to be Jesus’ voice to this generation. It is not a political voice. It is the voice of resurrection, bringing hope and life where there is despair and death.

  • Wisdom

We are strengthened by the knowledge of God the Creator, God the Redeemer, and God the Sanctifier. We have knowledge (John 17: 14, 26) and will use that knowledge creatively, reflectively, and authoritatively for transformation.

  • Stewardship

We do not own our schools any more than we own ourselves. We have been given everything by the Father (John 17: 7). We are prayerful, intelligent, insightful, cunning stewards in order to be light in the world.


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