Teacher Professional Development

Why a Teacher Consultant for Teacher Professional Development?

If you are a Head of School or Division Director, the idea of a teacher consultant may not have occurred to you. Instead of a traditional consultant…..

Think of someone who knows today’s students. They are master teachers in their area of expertise, usually have over 10 years of experience, and are currently doing the very thing you are interested in. They are also teacher leaders, having presented at conferences, led initiatives at their own schools, and been innovative thinkers acting as thought leaders with their colleagues. They are student-centered, passionate, expert, and savvy. They will challenge you and your own faculty. They will bring a growth mindset, their own successes and failures, they’ll have plenty of current examples from today’s students, they’ll inspire your culture as a peer with all the authority that provides. Just a sample of the areas they can help you in are: social-emotional learning; literacy including Reader's and Writer's Workshop; makerspaces; design thinking; problem-based learning; instructional design; mindfulness; global education; educational technology; technology integration; 1:1 design and implementation. These services are provided at an incredibly cost-effective price through Lausanne Learning (lausannelearning.com). Just think, for $5800 bring two master teachers to your campus for two days and see your whole faculty engaged and excited like no in-service you have ever seen. And the action continues the day after the consultants have left through the plan designed while they are there. Request more information or a consult now!


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