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Your Strategic Plan is your VISION in action. CSM engages your constituents and provides you with a lockstep plan to implement today! 


Strategic Planning and Strategic Financial Management
CSM’s coordinated and systematic approach includes every constituency in its work without becoming inefficient. Always attuned to the unique needs of your own school, the process is imbued with research insight and Biblical depth.


  1. Creation of a Strategic Plan with specific goals for each person to accomplish and a calendar for implementation. 
  2. Creation of Strategic Financial Management that tells you the speed of the plan and predicts tuition five years out.
  3. Training for your Principal and book-keeper / business manager
  4. Training and clarity for each member of the Board as well for the Board as an entity.
  5. Constant focus on doable, achievable, affordable objectives that your school will achieve.

The result is a focused, knowledgeable Board and school leadership full of hope and confidence that their classrooms can be full, their bank balance positive, and their vision for transformation vibrant. 

Cost: 2.0 average tuitions for a data analysis and five-day onsite visit to provide direct insight, training, workshop, and plan development.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: full day-long engagement with teachers and leadership resulting in strategic academic directions 

Day Two: full day-long engagement with school leadership to examine the school’s operations and strategic needs

Day Three: Board workshop and strategic engagement resulting in clarity around strategic objectives

Day Four: writing of the plan 

Day Five: Review of financials; Board presentation and plan presentation


Ongoing cost: 0.25 tuitions for executive coaching for the Principal/Head of School to assist in the first six months of implementation.

Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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