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Interrogate how well the child is currently being served in light of the mission and, as a result, understand the direction/s the school must go to stay relevant and to stay competitive. Develop a plan that the Board will support and that you are accountable to each student for. 


Strategic Academic Planning
21st century academics requires more skills, more resources, and an attitude that assumes success for every child in the school. The plan to accomplish that encompasses the school’s mission/children and teachers’ pedagogy, curriculum, and evaluation. 


  1. A clearer understanding of the impact of the school’s mission in each child’s intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical life. 
  2. Teachers who are committed to an academic direction that flows from the child’s needs. 
  3. A plan that encompasses the CSM 21st century skills: teaching as process, not content; teachers who flex pedagogy to drive success; meaningful academic evaluation that measures mastery; schedule that supports the whole child. 
  4. A more focused Christian Professional Learning Community
  5. Better each-student performance
  6. Improved retention and enrollment in a heightened competitive environment

Cost: 1.75 average tuitions for a data analysis and five-day onsite visit to provide direct insight, training, workshop, and plan development.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: examination of schedule with Principal and academic administrators

Day Two: full day-long engagement with each division and leadership resulting in strategic academic directions around 

Day Three: full day-long engagement with academic leaders across divisions resulting in an outline plan

Day Four: writing of the plan 


Ongoing cost: .25 tuitions for executive coaching for the Principal/Head of School to assist in the first six months of implementation.

Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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