Bring the Board and Principal together for two days (lunch to lunch) and see deep thinking have time to develop, relationships have the space to flower, and humble leadership have the spiritual depth to flourish. 


School Board/Board of Trustees Retreat
Every other year, a facilitated retreat is a powerful mechanism for growth and insight. Using CSM’s researched tools and Biblical integration, the Board can really move forward in serving your school.  


  1. Strategic understanding
  2. Sense of community with each other and trust in each other’s judgment
  3. Depth of relationship based on breaking bread and praying together
  4. More profound sense of what is ahead and how to accomplish it

Cost: 0.75 average tuitions for preparation and a two-day onsite visit to provide retreat leadership and facilitation.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: lunch, time to reflect, time to pray and worship, breaking bread together, socializing

Day Two: focus and direction, celebration, lunch


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