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How the day, week, month, and year is organized fits in the school’s calendar and meets the needs of the teachers to deliver their curriculum. Where does the child come in all of this? Thinking and organizing the school through the eyes of the child yields surprising outcomes and even better academic / spiritual / personal results. 


Scheduling and the Whole Child

Scheduling in Christian Schools is not just about the technicalities of scheduling. It is really about the way in which we think about children, their relationship to each other and the teachers who care for them, and their relationship to God who created day and night. Scheduling is about what happens in the day and night. It is about how the school stewards time so that its children can participate in, experience and benefit from the school’s mission. 


  1. Better academic outcomes for each child
  2. Deeper and more engaged learning
  3. Balanced and enjoyable day
  4. Improved student morale, retention, and recruitment
  5. Support for the Strategic Academic Plan 

Cost: 2.0 average tuitions for a data analysis and five-day onsite visit to provide direct insight, training, workshop, and plan development.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: sacred time; student and teacher engagement

Day Two: data interrogation; leader engagement

Day Three: academic leader leadership

Day Four: production of options

Day Five: academic leaders creating the direction; teacher presentation


Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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