The Revolution Webinar: Enrollment – When is a Class Full and Why it Matters




Simon Jeynes, CSM Executive Director, wonders why so many Christian schools tolerate the blasphemy of the empty seat. Enrollment is treated as a bureaucratic function in too many Christian schools and not as the Matthew 28 enterprise it truly is. This webinar interrogates how enrollment data and school mission connect to and inform each other. Come and see how to collect data, how to read it, and how to rekindle your enthusiasm for a full school. CSM believes profoundly that our society both needs and values the education we provide and that families are excited about how we can influence their children. COVID-19 has only sharpened their awareness of our value and increased the market’s appetite for what we do. Leave the webinar with a greater understanding of what you are trying to achieve over the next four months. 

Come to this webinar and gain some new perspectives, some new questions, affirmation of what you are doing, potential directions to think about. We don’t claim to know the answers. But the question is an important one for us and CSM is committed to taking the journey. 


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