The Principal Stewardship Committee



The Board must hold the Head of School / Principal accountable. In the Cord Principle, CSM states: “The Board of Trustees has clear responsibilities and clear boundaries. Its leadership is often construed as running the school. Nothing could be further from the truth or more destructive. We encounter far too many Christian schools where the Board continuously interferes with the operations side of the fence, directing school employees and negating the authority of the Head. This has also led to the arbitrary dismissal of the Head, even in the middle of a contract, and assuming the Head’s responsibilities at the Board level. The Cord Principle is emphatic that the Board’s sphere is strategic: establish the school’s mission and use it “as the first frame of reference when making decisions”; hiring the Head, who is the Board’s ONLY employee, who must then be supported and evaluated; setting the school’s “strategic direction” together with the Head and using that direction “for budgeting and other priorities” . To avoid the “blind leading the blind” (Luke 6:39), the Board, for example, approves the budget but the Head spends it; the Board identifies strategic priorities, but the Head executes them; the Board approves construction, but the construction company builds the building. The Board cord is both a strength and a potential noose – wise Board leadership understands the strategic / operations difference and leads strategically. This makes it a healthy organizational partner and allows it to contribute meaningfully to a strong and healthy school.”


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