Faculty Evaluation in Christian Schools The First Three Steps


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In CSM’s Cord Principle, the faculty are thought of as one of three organizational partners (together with the Board and Administration) who “serve the children, deliver the mission, and act collaboratively as a professional learning community”. In addition, the teachers are identified as the human partner of the parent and the Head of School or Principal who “who is the intersect (the relationship-in-action) of the school’s mission with the child and who is fundamentally concerned with empowering the child’s agency in interaction with the school’s mission”. The Cord Principle articulates what research has indicated for decades – that the teacher is the single most important key to the child’s educational success. It is imperative, therefore, that administrators find some way of knowing the teacher’s level of excellence to appreciate, praise, and reward. In less happy times, it is equally imperative that the teacher who is unable to lead the child must be let go. How can we know?


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