Christian School Leadership: The Time for Reflection



Between 1973 and 2000, Americans added nearly five weeks of work per year to their schedule – an additional 199 hours per year. Given the number of hours in a day, we maxed out. It doesn’t seem to have become any easier since 2000. Running our Christian schools in the 21st century has become significantly more complicated with higher demands/needs from students and parents, and less support from the church. All those demands take our time. It is not uncommon for a school leader, not just the Head of School/Principal but including academic and advancement leadership, to work a 50-hour work week and then have additional items to attend to on the weekend. Most, sometimes all, is action oriented. We are attending to business that never seems to have an end date. In our daily battle against the clock, taking time to reflect on one’s work would seem to be a luxurious pursuit.


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