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The Stewardship of Sacred Time: Scheduling for Christian School Students

Your schedule is the way in which your mission is delivered in time. It determines pedagogy, quality of the student experience, student and teacher stress, ability to help each child, and the extent of your mission delivery through the school’s programs.

It is also the cheapest way to create transformational change in the child’s life. To learn more, please investigate further:

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CSM Management Structure Analysis online consulting service

You are the Principal / Head of School. Who reports to you? Who reports to them? That’s management structure! But how do you know whether you have the right positions or structure for the size of school you have, or where you are in your life-cycle? Here are some clues that an Analysis would be very helpful to you:

  • You’ve never actually thought about it too much – there were always more important things to do!
  • You like to have all the control in your own hands
  • You are working 10 hour+ days on a regular basis
  • You don’t have time to supervise / support / evaluate everyone
  • Things are falling through the cracks

CSM can help you do this important task with a minimum of fuss as an online service (no travelling expenses!). Go here….


Online Mission Review

Reviewing your mission needs to occur at least every 10 years and always:

  • Before a new Principal / Head of School search
  • Before the addition of a new division
  • During each Strategic Planning process

The mission could be as little as agreeing that it is exactly what we are. But if there is any hesitation, it might be time for a larger review:

  • Nobody knows it – it doesn’t have power
  • It sounds the same as the school down the road 
  • We’ve really changed since we opened the doors in 1984
  • Our student body is much larger and our facilities have really grown
  • It is just stale

CSM can help you do this important task with a minimum of fuss as an online service (no travelling expenses!). Go here….

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