School Leadership is more complex, more difficult, more prone to stress and confusion, than ever before. Here are just two ways in which we might think about school leadership in your school.

Coaching: As Head of School, you are in a position with no true peers. It can also be hard to confide in people who might be friends, Trustees (and thus your employer), members of your own church or just members of your community. It can be helpful to have a listening ear that is a third party, expert, and able to guide without imposing. A coaching relationship is an opportunity to regularly talk and be heard, to be counseled and held accountable, to learn your role better and be able to serve in more profound ways. CSM will help you find a Christian professional who will walk alongside you, pray with you, be direct and yet caring.

Stewards of Transformation: the Head of School and Board President: Like it or not, you are the professional and volunteer leadership of the school and you confront a paradox that has sunk many Christian schools: the Head of School is the employee of the Board President; the Board President doesn’t know much about running a school.  CSM can help you articulate how to think about your roles that empower both of you and thus strengthen the school you both serve. An understanding of CSM’s Cord Principle helps you both work together productively and as well as lead the Board effectively. Without this, the school is in danger!

Board Relations:  Christian School Boards are universally full of faithful, committed folks who want to do the right thing. CSM can assist the Board to a deeper understanding of the school’s mission and their part in it, implications of the biblically based CSM Principles, understanding of the function of the Board’s committees, knowing how to plan for the future, appreciation for the financial Key Performance Indicators, and a practical way of thinking about looking after their Head of School.

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