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Engage with a partner for the journey! Your Executive Coach is your ally, your adviser, your comforter, your challenger. Every conversation has prayer, accountability, practical advice, connection to your strategic goals, and relational understanding built in!


Executive Coaching
A CSM Consultant partners with you on the journey, listens carefully and supportively, inspires relevant and insightful conversations, challenges assumptions, provides practical advice and counsel, and prays with you.  The coach is expert in the particular area, spiritually mature, and highly experienced.

Applicable Positions

CSM Executive Coaching works best for the Principal / Head of School, Business Manager, Admission Director, or Philanthropy Director. 


  1. Application of research and experience to your leadership challenges
  2. Productive solutions and/or directions for Board partnership
  3. Improved school teamwork with practical strategies and tactics
  4. Confidence in your own understanding and professional journey
  5. Spiritual strength in the ‘battles’, daily, personal, and relational

You can expect to find this personal relationship personally comforting and professionally stretching as you grow in your responsibilities and take care of your relationships. 

Cost: .25 tuitions for six 90 minute monthly video conference sessions along with email support throughout.

Session Overview

  • Time to listen to the journey
  • Opportunity to have conversation about issues that are current 
  • Challenging to think strategically
  • Sharing to inform wellness practices
  • Praying together

Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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