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The Annual Christian Montessori Fellowship Conference

January 17, 2020 - January 19, 2020

Session I  8:15-10:15

The Intersection of Money & Mission: Strategic Finance For School Leaders

  • Money and Mission have an intimate connection for both individuals and organizations. This session focuses on managing your schools’ finances in ways that augment and strengthen your mission and enable your school community to thrive. Along the way we will also address several harmful views prevalent in Christian Schools that seem spiritual on the surface, but actually undermine your mission.

Session II  10:30-11:30

There Is Always More Ministry Than You: How To Live A “Flourishing” Life As A Head Of School

  • Head of School burn out and turn over may be the greatest challenge within the Christian School Movement. Christian Schools tend to create a “theology of justified exhaustion” leading to declining performance and outcomes even as school leaders pile on the hours. While this approach sounds “spiritual” on the surface, it is actually highly inconsistent with the biblical record, as well as a mountain of research related to human performance and stress. This workshop is designed to equip you to stop sprinting, and learn how to run the lifetime marathon of effective leadership.

Session III  1:30-3:30

If We Build It, Will They Come?: Driving Enrollment & Re-enrollment 

  • From the mission perspective, Christian Schools exist to transform the lives of Children for Christ. In that sense, every empty seat is a kind of quiet tragedy. From the Financial perspective, if you can’t fill seats you will enter into the “Christian School Death Cycle” leading to your schools’ eventual closure. Effective Christian Schools know what their student capacity is, ensures that its capacity number is sustainable, and fills their school to capacity. This workshop is designed to provide strategies to fill your school with mission appropriate families.

Session IV  3:45-5:45

The Main Thing: Creating & Sustaining a Healthy Student Centric Faculty Culture

  • Your school exists to serve Children. The primary mechanism for doing this is for children to engage with a healthy, student focused, faculty culture. Its nice to know that when this is happening, it also bonds your parent culture to the school, enhances enrollment, and provides a strong platform for philanthropic dollars. This workshop focuses on hiring, induction, evaluation, support, collaboration, and professional development practices that enhance and sustain your faculty culture.


January 17, 2020
January 19, 2020

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