Driving Enrollment & Re-Enrollment for Small to Medium Size Christian Schools

Workshop Leader – Bill Simmer, Senior Consultant for Christian School Management

At the center of effective leadership is prioritization. Christian School leaders must be able to prioritize their time and effort, particularly considering limited resources. The wise leader is always asking, “what are the essential things that need to be done in order to yield the greatest outcomes given my present resources?”

This workshop is designed to help Christian School leaders with limited resources to maximize their efforts related to driving enrollment and re-enrollment. What works, what is “core,” and what is “icing” that I can’t afford to put on my cake until I have more resources?

Session One – Money, Mission, and the Psychology of Organizational “Bonding” (11:00 – 12:30)

This session discusses the fundamental psychology of organizational “bonding” that underlies all successful enrollment & marketing efforts for Christian Schools. What lies “underneath” effective messaging and marketing, and what do you need to implement it? We also address key intersection points between enrollment and school finance including financial aid. 

Session Two – Your Faculty’s Role in Driving Enrollment (1:30 – 3:00)

Christian Schools are a “referral business.” Most new inquiries come from word of mouth (somewhere between 75-90%). There is no brochure, website, or social marketing campaign that will ever be as powerful as a parent sharing the impact of your school with another parent. Thus, your students and parents experience with your faculty is the single greatest factor in driving enrollment & re-enrollment. 

Session Three – Key Aspects of an Effective Admission Funnel (4:00 – 5:30)

This session starts the conversation about the Christian School admission “funnel,” and introduces Christian School Management’s Enrollment Model. Now that we have attracted mission appropriate families to our school what do we do? We break this process into its component pieces and discuss success strategies designed to drive enrollment through the funnel resulting in matriculations. 

Date – January 23, 2021 (all times are east coast)

Non CSM Member Cost – $159

Christian Montessori Fellowship discount – $120 (contact or email christianschoolmanagement@gmail.com for coupon code)

CSM Member Cost – $99 (login for member price)

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