It’s why CSM began: to help you increase your enrollment and magnify your witness to God’s love in your neighborhoods! 


Enrollment Increase and Extending God’s Kingdom
CSM’s Enrollment Management Systems approach supports you in leading a unique enrollment effort that is nonetheless research based and scripturally secure. 


  1. Creation of a Family Relationship Plan with specific steps and enrollment calendar for implementation
  2. Complete examination of your website as the initial portrayal of your school to the seeker family
  3. Training for school professionals
  4. Workshop for volunteers
  5. Constant focus on doable, achievable, affordable methods that your school can execute

The intent is stable and/or increasing enrollment. CSM is confident that we can help you achieve this in 6 – 18 months of ongoing work. 

Cost: 1.75 average tuitions for a data analysis and four-day onsite visit to provide direct insight, training, workshop, and plan development.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: focus groups with students and parent; review of analysis with Principal and leader of enrollment effort; meeting with school leadership including at least one Board member

Day Two: Creation of Family Relationship Plan including calendar; training of lead person /team in enrollment; review of website

Day Three: Faculty workshop; parent volunteer workshop; review of Plan

Day Four: Board presentation; website development; marketing materials development; 


Ongoing cost: .25 tuitions for executive coaching for the Principal/Head of School to assist in the first six months of implementation.


Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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