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You are the Principal / Head of School. Who reports to you? Who reports to them? That’s management structure! But how do you know whether you have the right positions or structure for the size of school you have, or where you are in your life-cycle? Here are some clues that an Analysis would be very helpful to you:


  • You’ve never actually thought about it too much – there were always more important things to do!
  • You like to have all the control in your own hands
  • You are working 10 hour+ days on a regular basis
  • You don’t have time to supervise / support / evaluate everyone
  • Things are falling through the cracks


CSM can help you do this important task with a minimum of fuss as an online service (no travelling expenses!). What does it look like?

The whole process typically takes three weeks. Your work includes preparation of materials, three 90 minute meetings, and answering questions in between. 

Step One: collate current leadership positions, responsibilities, and compensation (done by school and provided to CSM consultant) 

Step Two: analyze current structure in terms of 'ideal' and cost (done by CSM and discussed with school - meeting #1 of 90 minutes)

Step Three: create 'next year' structure with responsibilities and compensation (done by CSM and discussed with school - meeting #2 of 90 minutes )

Step Four: finalize Management Structure document with current, next year, and ideal (done by CSM and discussed with the school - meeting #3 of 90 minutes)

Step Five: any final edits and handing over of the final document. This would typically be discussed and approved by the Board but only if there were any significant cost issues that had to be addressed through Strategic Planning. It is then passed to the Finance Committee to be worked into the budgets. If it can be done within the context of the current budget then it is an internal planning document. 

The benefits from a small input of time and money is extraordinary. 

  1. A path into the future where you as the school’s leader believe that you can actually do this job and have a family and have a life
  2. Implementation of a sustainable leadership model
  3. Connection to the Strategic Plan / Strategic Financial Management and thus understanding how to pay for your leadership team
  4. Training of the Board in how to think about leadership in a Christian school – and thus Board support of you
  5. Not infrequently, efficiencies
  6. Knowing where to spend money in order to “make money”

One Head of School CSM has worked with, reduced her daily work by over two hours a day! She stopped thinking about resigning…..

As always with CSM, we charge according to your own school’s tuition so that everyone can afford it. Look at your average K-12 tuition and we charge accordingly.

For this service, the cost is .3 tuition (.4 non-member)

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