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  • stating publicly that you want to support the Christian School Movement
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  • helping CSM be self-sustaining
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  • New membership gift of a CSM book. (Trustee Handbook or Stewards of Transformation)

CSM Foundation

10% of revenues is tithed to the CSM Foundation to provide financial support to Christian School leaders, to invest in the development of educational resources such as online training, and to commission research. Our first investment was in the first level of Online Training.

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This is your opportunity to ask one of the CSM consultants to answer a question / write an article on a topic that you would like some advice / counsel / direction. As a member of the CSM community, you have this as a benefit.

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The CSM archive includes all publications of CSM, free to members. Every week throughout the year, at least one article is added to the archive which thus grows at the minimum rate of 52 articles a year.

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