CSM Consulting brings together gifted Christian leaders and your school in a relationship that brings hope, research, experience, and mission leadership infused by Scriptural understanding.

Enrollment Increase and Extending God’s Kingdom

It’s why CSM began: to help you increase your enrollment and magnify your witness to God’s love in your neighborhoods!

Strategic Planning and Strategic Financial Management

Your Strategic Plan is your VISION in action. CSM engages your constituents and provides you with a lockstep plan to implement today! 

Executive Coaching

Engage with a partner for the journey! Your Executive Coach is your ally, your adviser, your comforter, your challenger. Every conversation has prayer, accountability, practical advice, connection to your strategic goals, and relational understanding built in!

Strategic Academic Planning

Interrogate how well the child is currently being served in light of the mission and, as a result, understand the direction/s the school must go to stay relevant and to stay competitive. Develop a plan that the Board will support and that you are accountable to each student for. 

School Board / Board of Trustees Retreat

Bring the Board and Principal together for two days (lunch to lunch) and see deep thinking have time to develop, relationships have the space to flower, and humble leadership have the spiritual depth to flourish.

Annual Giving and the Generosity of God’s People

Nothing is so much fun as teaching people how to respect, honor, and steward their donors so that they invest even more in the education of children every year. 

Scheduling and the Whole Child

How the day, week, month, and year is organized fits in the school’s calendar and meets the needs of the teachers to deliver their curriculum. Where does the child come in all of this? Thinking and organizing the school through the eyes of the child yields surprising outcomes and even better academic / spiritual / personal results.

Create Your Own

The above services are common in CSM’s practice. However, we also provide customized services in all of the above areas that are determined by you, the school, and your very specific needs. We are here to serve you and will partner with you in the way that is most useful to you.

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