Christian School leadership must be exercised today in a VUCA environment – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Many of the things we took for granted in the 20th century in matters of faith practice and educational practice, in how we thought about families, parents, and children, all seem to be in question today. CSM can help you navigate these difficult times and partner with you to identify your greatest challenges as well as provide directions that will give you hope, strengthen enrollment and your finances, and improve leaders’ capacity both strategic and operations.

Consulting is best used in the area of highest impact either through improved retention and recruitment of students, in dramatic improvement of the school’s fiscal position, or the school’s ability to leverage philanthropy. Of course, these ends might be achieved by a variety of means, for example, through improving the school’s academic competitive position.

If you are not sure what would be the best use of your school’s limited resources, engage in a sequence of one or two phone calls with one of our CSM consultants to think through, pray through, and vision through what might happen as a result of a relationship with us on your journey.

There is no obligation for having this conversation. We are here to help in any way we can.


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