Marketing Leaders face an immediate challenge in that most faculty and even administrators don’t much like the word marketing. But you also have an incredible opportunity to reframe marketing as “communicating the mission”. Here are just two ways in which we might think about marketing leadership in your school.

The 21st Century Parent and Community: If a family stays with your school for a couple of years or more, or if they quickly become part of the “in-group”, they feel a strong sense of community. However, even at Christian schools, parents come with a single focus – an excellent academic education within a biblical understanding. They pay tuition and have expectations as “consumers”. How do we move all parents from being part of this consumer mentality with its demands and requirements to becoming members of the school community with its shared responsibilities and common goals?  CSM will advise you on ways to integrate parents into your community in ways that are authentic, doable, and affordable. These ways all have a singular focus on communicating the mission value proposition and are therefore always directly connected to enrollment and re-enrollment.

What are You Telling Everyone? Your school’s message seems obvious. But when you read the website, even to you, it is not convincing. What you are telling everyone should reflect the excellence of your faculty and the achievements of your students. And it should do so on the website certainly, but also on the report cards, down the school’s corridors, in the admission package – everywhere you communicate with parents. CSM can help with the principles of writing copy that is dramatic and effective, with insight into the different forms of communication, and with website renewal.

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