CSM Consultant's Charter


  1. We subscribe to the mission, vision, and motto of CSM 
  2. We believe that CSM represents an exceptional way for us to help children in Christian education 
  3. We subscribe to the Seven Principles of CSM 
  4. We are committed to Christian education  
  5. We do not judge a school’s theology – we focus on Jesus and children  
  6. We support best practices as indicated by research and our collective experience 
  7. We recognize and agree that CSM differentiates consulting rates according to the school’s tuition level/s  
  8. We are committed to children and we provide advice and counsel that benefits children first 
  9. We commit to fiscal probity represented by the standard that parents should take on the responsibility of paying the full amount for their children’s education unless mitigated by financial aid and/or scholarships 
  10. We always urge schools to have balanced / surplus budgets 
  11. We commit to governance that recognizes the separation of strategic and operations 
  12. We commit to treating each school as a unique body of Christ 
  13. We believe in the power of interdependency as licensed CSM practitioners 
  14. We commit to knowledge socialization, collegiality and accountability 
  15. We commit to the annual retreat that includes prayer and worship, reflection, discussion, learning 
  16. We honor the individuality of each of our colleagues - we are not the same and we have the same commitments 
  17. We commit to ongoing personal and professional growth and renewal  
  18. We commit to ongoing and persistent Bible study 
  19. We commit through our work with Christian schools to continually expand God’s kingdom