Business Office Leaders

Business Office Leaders are responsible for a responsible budget. You help create it, and then you try to make it work each year, often hoping that there will be a miracle or two along the way. Here are just two ways in which we might think about business office leadership in your school.

Knowing your Budget: You’ve probably looked at the numbers till you are blue in the face. Maybe they look great, or maybe you are facing financial challenges. What are the key performance indicators that give you comfort not only that the numbers are telling you what you think they are but also that you are moving in a direction that is actually improving your situation. CSM can help you carry out a line by line examination of the budget to understand the message each line is sending and at the same time apply CSM’s key performance indicators and the Ox Principle to the budget as a means of analysis and improvement. Strategic Financial Management is a typical outcome allowing you to think proactively about money rather than reactively.

Tuition, Education, and Enrollment: Setting tuition is the most agonizing decision a Board makes every year. The knowledge that so many families find it hard to pay tuition but desire a Christian education for their children tugs at the heart strings and makes the decision a highly emotional one. CSM will help the group understand the different components of the budget, its incomes and expenses, identify the reliability, potential, and threat of each part, and then provide a path through to tuition that will empower the school to provide an excellent education that encourages the parent and the student to stay at the school through to graduation.

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