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CSM begins every relationship asking questions. What is your mission? What is your story? Who are your children? How did you get to where you are now? Where are you in your journey? What are your strengths? Who are your people and why are they so great? What qualities do your leaders, professional and volunteer, possess? What are your challenges? Why are you calling us? What do you think we might be able to do that will change your future, deepen your practice, move your mind-set, extend your leaders, transform your finances, increase your enrollment, professionalize your Board?

CSM provides advice and counsel on the basis of three things:

  • A secure understanding of what adding the word “Christian” to the word “school” means, implies, and challenges
  • An enormous base of experienced learning, successes and failures, collectively represented by decades and decades of practice in Christian schools by CSM consultants
  • An exceptional background in educational research from the fields of education, social science, psychology, neurobiology, ethics, economics, politics, history, and Biblical Studies

CSM consultants are not theologians – we study Scripture to understand how it inspires and fuels understanding of our daily leadership dilemmas. Thus, Scripture is infused in our teaching, critical to our understanding, and the context for our positioning of all other research.  

We make a 5 Point Promise

Promise One: We will always bring hope

Promise Two: We will always challenge you to take the next step

Promise Three: We will always work to make you independent, not co-dependent

Promise Four: We will always help you deepen your faith as we help you become more expert in your practice

Promise Five: We will always ask you to do things that are believable, doable, and affordable

Note: CSM charges proportionally according to the school’s own tuition – this allows any school in almost any situation to be able to enjoy a partnership with CSM consultants.

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