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Nothing is so much fun as teaching people how to respect, honor, and steward their donors so that they invest even more in the education of children every year. 

Annual Giving and the Generosity of God’s People
It is a privilege to raise money for God’s children. Heighten the skill with which you develop relationships with your donors. Improve your fund-raising every year without fail and enable your donors to become more loyal as each year succeeds. 


  1. Stronger relationships with each member of the school’s community
  2. Increase in giving and improved opportunities for children
  3. Confidence and expertise within the school’s volunteer base
  4. Board commitment to and leadership in philanthropy
  5. School leadership that is informed, inspired, and irrepressible 

Cost: 1.4 average tuitions for a data analysis and three-day onsite visit to provide direct insight, training, workshop, and plan development.

Onsite Visit Overview

Day One: the Mary Principle; the Case for Support; finances; the Philanthropy Calendar

Day Two: the Philanthropy Committee; document creation 

Day Three: volunteer training; leadership training; Board presentation


Ongoing cost: .25 tuitions for executive coaching for the Principal/Head of School and/or Chair of the Philanthropy Committee to assist in the first six months of implementation.

Note: all costs are CSM member prices.

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