The following is what client schools are saying…


Legacy Christian Academy, MN

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School

“In faculty evaluation, we came to the idea together. Simon brought us to where we were saying, ‘This is good.’ I appreciate that they didn’t throw out everything that we had been building. They created a shift in mindset that allowed us to focus on growth and create a system for the 95% of teachers who do want to grow. We’ll be implementing in the spring.

“The schedule was presented to us – it’s amazing what they accomplished in the time they spent. They demonstrated how we could financially afford it and the benefits it would bring. There was so much to consider that I asked he to give us a day after got home to go into the elementary and middle school schedules more deeply.

The research pieces were important; they laid the foundation for why. Walking through the challenges with the current schedule made it obvious we needed to shift. We’re implementing in 2021.”

Grace Christian School, VT

Shawn Smith, Principal

“He did tell us what we needed to hear. It’s one of the CSM promises – it’s built into the organization – you get a helping hand and a nudge in the right direction. The first consultation we laid the framework – strategic planning, strategic financial planning, updating the mission. This time we built on that structure and filled it in. Simon gives us hope (which is huge), help (a plan), direction (where we want to go), and wise counsel (based on his knowledge of the industry, his passion for Christian schools, and his years of experience). It’s just invaluable. When other schools call, I tell them, ‘Do anything you can to get them there. If you get one student as a result, you’ve paid for it. It’s worth every penny and then some.’”


Southwest Chicago Christian Schools, IL

Henry Doorn, Superintendent

“Simon helped us understand what we need to do to put the school on a different trajectory. He didn’t try to make us into something we’re not. The leadership and Board have realized that the world is changing pretty quickly. This was a really helpful process for us. The leadership and the Board are energized. Monday next week, God willing, the Board is going to approve the strategic plan. On February 15, God willing, we’re holding an in-service to present the plan to the faculty. We’re jumping in with both feet.”

Summit Christian School, CA

David Couchman, Principal

“The key performance indicators were really helpful. We may feel like we’re actually growing and improving, but are we really? That gave us something tangible to look at and make judgements about.

During my time in schools, I’ve had maybe 3 consulting experiences and this is the first one where I felt I really got my money’s worth.  It was a very good thing for us. I was talking with the Board President and we’re starting to turn the corner we wanted to turn. It was the push we needed.”

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School, LA

Rev. “Boo” Kay, Principal

“I knew we would have lots to get ready. Simon was very specific about what he needed. He did his homework so our time together was well spent. He was up to speed when he arrived. He had read all the materials we sent and everything else he could get his hands on. He and Greg definitely made an easy team – they complemented each other. Greg would add relevant things he had seen recently in his own school and other places.

Simon didn’t give us conclusions. He left us with 7 different schedules and we were tasked with coming up with the final one. He enlightened us about the possibilities and showed us the strengths of each one. We came up with another one that was not exactly like the one he presented.  Being open-ended and reflection are critical – it’s better if you do it yourself.

Fremont Christian School, MI

John Barkel, Principal

“You don’t meet many people like Simon. He can tell you something and be blunt and still make you feel good about yourself. That’s a great quality. He said what needed to be said. I wish we’d brought him in for two days – he had so much more to offer. He did a great job with the time he had.”

Trinity Christian School, CT

Kasinda Bristol, Head of School

“Bill (Stevens) was definitely collaborative and told us what we needed to hear. There was a meeting on Saturday with the School Board to ask questions and get to the answers. I liked that he was very honest with us. He could be direct, not mincing words or trying to sugarcoat. One thing that stuck with me: Bill comes with experience and he used that to help us dig deeper and think. And he also took time to pray not just for us, but with us – that was huge, as a leader and from where my focus was.”

Grace Christian School, VT

 Shawn Smith, Head of School

“We’re totally blessed. We got more than we expected and it was worth more than the paycheck. It was a value, not an expense. We’re excited.

“What else was amazing is that Simon is like the Energizer Bunny. The hours he put in – we spent 13 hours a day together. It was clear that he cared, he was vested. He rolled up his sleeves and addressed everything – from abstract thinking to future planning to budget to scheduling – the day-to-day to the very strategic. It was really fun.”


Faith Heritage School, NY

Neil Capone, Head of School

“Simon used theory and his experience to move the Finance Committee forward. He worked non-stop and left us with recommendations that were specific to our mission and strategic plan that we are able to move forward with.

He got the Board talking in a short amount of time, and accomplished a great deal in the short time he was with us. It was like drinking through a fire hose. The Board wanted to put aside funds to bring the consultant back and monitor the school’s progress. We are very thankful.”

Legacy Christian Academy, MN

Jake Mulvihill, Head of School

“What Bill and Simon told us was relevant and accomplished my vision for the day.  Part of that vision was to take some specific topics and lay the foundation – almost an educational philosophy – that we could move forward with as a school together.”

Manheim Christian Day School, PA

Jennifer Knecht, Head of School

When asked whether the Head understood her path better than before, she said, “Yes, absolutely, and the Board does too.” Their meetings are more effective – now Board meetings are 1-1/2 hours long, not 3 hours. “That is huge.”

West Michigan Christian Schools Collaborative, MI

Dan De Kam, Executive Director

“Tom and Simon definitely did their homework. I was amazed – I wasn’t sure how much they’d read of all the information we gave them, but they seem to have read everything. The consultation brought people on board concerning critical issues.