For Jesus; Through Mission; With Students

VISION: A Christian Education for Children Everywhere

MOTTO: “On earth as it is in heaven”

KEY WORDS: Partnership; Leadership; Transformation

DRIVING FORCE: To reverse the tragic decline in Christian Education



We will always bring hope.


We will always challenge you to take the next step.


We will always work to make you independent, not codependent.


We will always help you deepen your faith as we help you become more expert in your practice.


We will always ask you to do things that are believable, doable, and affordable.


We officially began CSM on August 1st, 2017, but we have actually been fighting the good fight for our entire lives. We love children and we love the Christian schools where those children are nurtured and fed. Simon is the founder, under God, of CSM. His testimony is this: “I have four children of my own and I want a great education for them. Almost as much, I want a great education to be there for every Christian family like mine. I get quite depressed when I see Christian schools, full of terrific people and supporters struggle and even go out of business. There have been far too many. I was working at ISM for 14 years and saw this happen first-hand. I saw it happen in the experience of my own children. God finally made me stop what I was doing and take this on as my life mission in founding CSM in 2017. I thought I was at the end part of my career but God has convicted me that this is just the beginning of a new era where I am called to lead and follow in service to children in our Christian schools.”



Executive Director

Simon is co-founder and Executive Director of Christian School Management. Simon is passionate about ensuring that every seat in every Christian school is full and that every student in those seats is having a joyful, transformative experience. 

He consults onsite and online with Christian schools across North America. Simon has worked with Christian schools in strategic health checks, strategic planning, strategic financial management, strategic academic planning, scheduling, management structure analysis, mission review, school by-law review, enrollment recovery, inbound and word-of-mouth marketing, Board retreats, Executive Coaching, Growth Conversation and Compensation (teacher), and website content review and development. 

Simon started teaching in 1977 and served in Christian residential and day schools for 26 years including acting as Head of School at 3 schools. He keynotes and speaks at conferences across North America. Since 2003, Simon has consulted in 5 countries, 38 states and four provinces. At CSM, he has worked in Christian schools of many types including evangelical, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Reformed, Orthodox, and non-denominational. 

Simon earned his MA from the University of Oxford (School of Modern History), his BEd (Hons.) from the University of Lethbridge, and his MEd (Educational Leadership) from Concordia University. As a believer in life-long learning, he:

  • has taken graduate and other courses from Prairie Bible Institute, Athabasca University, and the University of Western Ontario and continues to train in various aspects of management/leadership.

Mr. Jeynes is married with four children, two dogs, and a bird. He attends The Gathering Place where he is also an occasional preacher.  

He is proud to be a dual Canadian / American citizen. 


Chief Financial Officer

Ian Boone currently serves as the financial executive for a large private university and has almost twenty years of financial leadership and budget management experience. Prior to his professional roles in educational administration, Ian also served over a decade in the United States Army. During his three combat deployments, he earned a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and multiple other commendations and awards. Ian holds a Masters of Business and Finance degree, along with a Bachelor’s of Business Studies and Accountancy. He is currently completing his CPA licensure.

Ian is the proud husband to his wife Danielle and a doting father to their four daughters. In addition to being “the numbers guy,” he is an avid woodworker, hiker, and chef — Southern classics are his specialty.

As a father and education executive, Ian is convinced that an excellent Christian education is positively transformative for all students. He is overjoyed to serve Christian School Management’s mission


Membership Partner/Website Manager

Janice has worked in a museum setting teaching history for 12 years. She has been involved in children’s programming and camps. She holds a certificate in Business from Harvard Manage Mentor and Museum and Library Studies. She has always enjoyed helping others.

She currently works as a Medical Office Administrator assisting in therapy, handling insurance billing and scheduling appointments. Recently completed a Digital Marketing course. 

Janice is an avid nature lover who enjoys gardening and walks with her dog. In her spare time she also enjoys reading, writing, photography, baking, 4 wheeling and spending her time with her other pets.



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