2022 CSM Transformation Leadership Academy Online

July 19th – 22nd and July 26-29th



To train, mentor, and inspire a generation of Christian school leaders 

who will transform their schools with and for the next generation of children 

to powerfully impact the world for Jesus.


Transformation Leadership Academy Online is designed by Christian School industry leaders, steeped in research and practice, founded on Scriptural insights and understandings. It provides critical professional skills needed by you to succeed in today’s competitive and spiritually challenging marketplace. 

Spend the day immersed in a community of skilled professionals who want only Godly success for you. Don’t pay for hotel, for travel, and stay safe. Tuck your children into bed every night and gather around the family dinner table for fellowship and good eating. Have it both ways – incredible intellectual/spiritual education while still being able to be part of your family and friend life.

Read below and make up your mind today to join us!

At the heart of Transformation Leadership Academy Online is CSM’s desire that the Father’s will be done ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. In practical Christian school terms, this means that each  child in a Christian school expects and receives a transformative education in a setting that is rich and excellent and joyful. 

So Transformation Leadership Academy is an intense and challenging leadership exploration of the 11 domains of Christian School management and leadership:

  1. Board governance
  2. Leading in the classroom
  3. Academic leadership
  4. Leading teachers
  5. Teacher leadership
  6. Scheduling management 
  7. Enrollment leadership
  8. Family relationship plan management
  9. Philanthropy leadership
  10. Financial leadership
  11. Facilities leadership

This CSM Principal Leadership Certificate is delivered over two weeks of courses that can be taken consecutively in a single summer or over two summers. There is voluntary preparation for you to engage with and an intense four days of teaching, conversation, and professional sharing.

Content video teaching are available two weeks before the Academy for you to review. This is not mandatory but is provided as a service to help the effectiveness of the instruction that will try to be as practical as possible. Each of the 12 sessions will be represented by a 30 minute teaching content video. 

During the Academy itself, the instructors will interact personally with you in twelve 90 minute sessions that go in depth for each of the topics. After each session, the instructors stay online for individual questions and conversation. 

After the Academy, if you include the coaching option, you will spend time each month in a coaching conversation where your personal, professional, and spiritual journey can be supported and illuminated in a meaningful and purposeful relationship with an experienced and CSM imbued Christian professional. 

For every participant, whether you include the coaching or not (and about 50% of participants do include the coaching), the instructors are available for the rest of your professional vocation to answer questions and provide advice and feedback. 

Leadership Levels

Sophia (Wisdom) – Chapter One

Poimen (Shepherd) – Chapter Two

Completing both leadership levels will result in the granting of a CSM Principal Leadership Certificate.


Session Sophia Poimen
Times are EST
Tuesday 10.00-11.30 Mission, Students, and your School Philanthropy – the Mary Principle and Annual Giving
Tuesday 12.30-2.00 Income and Expenses Philanthropy – Leadership Giving and Solicitation
Tuesday 3.00-4.30 Key Performance Indicators Your Family Relationship Plan #2
Wednesday 1.00-11.30 Strategic Financial Management Human Resources #1
Wednesday 12.30-2.00 Strategic Plan Human Resources #2
Wed 3.00-4.30 The CSM Enrollment Model #1 Strategic Academic Plan
Thursday 10.00-11.30 The CSM Enrollment Model #2 Christian Professional Learning Community
Thursday 12.30-2.00 The CSM Enrollment Model #3 Faculty Evaluation
Thursday 3.00-4.30 Your Family Relationship Plan #1 Board Recruitment and Evaluation
Friday 10.00-11.30 Board Governance Scheduling, Sacred Time and Sacred Space
Friday 12.30-2.00 Board Committees  Schedule Design and the Student Experience
Friday 3.00-4.30 Sharing Your Plan Sharing Your Plan

As you prepare for the Academy and as you work through the week, you are preparing a plan for implementing what you are learning. Reflecting on your current knowledge and experience, and in conversation with your instructors and your fellow administrators, you will develop a plan for execution in the coming year. 

You will learn a lot of leadership theory/practice and Scripture background and research and application; you will benefit the most as you use that information to make it practical for you and for your school. The intent is to make this the most practical leadership training you have ever had. 

For any questions about speakers or session content, please contact christianschoolmanagement@gmail.org  

You can download the syllabus of instruction here.

The Academy opens on Tuesday July 5th with the upload of the twelve 30 minute content videos for both Sophia and Poimen participants to review if they wish for each course. 

Tuesday to Friday, July 19-22, 2022 (Sophia)
Tuesday to Friday, July 26-29, 2022 (Poimen) 

  • Formal online teaching sessions occur three times a day at:
    • 10.00 –11.30; 12.30 – 2.00; 3.00 – 4.30 (all these times are EST – adjust for your own timezone)
  • The instructors stay after each session for individual questions and conversation.

You can download the syllabus of instruction here.


Sophia CSM Member School    Non-Member School  
Fee $799 $1199
Fee plus Executive Coaching $2198 $2798
Poimen CSM Member School    Non-Member School  
Fee $799 $1199
Fee plus Executive Coaching $2198 $2798

Following the Academy, participants can access Executive Coaching at a steeply discounted rate. The Coaching includes eight 90 minute monthly sessions where the leader can discuss issues, gain advice and counsel around daily or strategic challenges, and reflect on the intersect of personal and professional roles. 

This is only available at this price as a combined cost and only available with Academy registration. 

Note: the a la carte cost for six Coaching Sessions is a .25 tuition for Members and .35 tuition for non-Members.

Login to receive your CSM Member Price – a $300 savings.

Craft a proposal using these key points.

  • Direct impact on enrollment i.e. knowing and reflecting on that knowledge will lead to strategies and practices that will enhance both retention and new enrollment. We will boldly say that your fees will be easily paid back through tuition income. We are not saying this casually – it’s why CSM exists. If your enrollment is not impacted, CSM is not fulfilling its vision.
  • Direct impact on philanthropy i.e. the communications skills and campaign layouts will further inspire your donors to give optimally and widen the circle of donors. This will be an added bonus to your enrollment increases.
  • Direct impact on you. Of course, you will know more. More importantly, the knowledge and skills that you will take with you on your vocational journey will help you achieve better balance in your personal / professional life, and give you better confidence to both lead your team and serve your Board.
  • Direct impact on your Board. You will be able to provide the Board with clarity as to their role and help them enact it with energy and focus. They will themselves see themselves as stronger leaders of the school and enjoy the increased success that, as partners, Principal and Board can achieve.
  • Direct impact on your family. As you hone and improve your leadership and the leadership of those around you, and as your enrollment and philanthropy provide better resources to operate the school, so you will be able to spend more time with your family and enjoy a better balance of life.
  • Direct impact on your faith. We believe we are called to our work and we believe that God is faithful in our work. As we carry our loaves and fish to Jesus, we are confident that He will bless them and feed the 5,000. We will say with the Psalmist, all your works praise you O God (Ps. 145). And God’s grace, which is all sufficient, will be with us and help us extend His kingdom here on earth as in heaven.

Simon Jeynes, Executive Director of CSM, and Bill Simmer, Senior Consultant, are leading the Retreat. Simon has been in Christian education since 1977 and personally consulted intensely since 2003. Bill has been in both post-secondary and secondary Christian education going back to his student years. Bill and Simon are two of the founders of CSM and committed to extending God’s Kingdom, “letting the little children come to me” (Matthew 19: 14). You can get in touch with Bill at wanderinggnomb@gmail.com; Simon at christianschoolmanagement@gmail.com

Dr. Tom Cathey is the ACSI Chief of Staff. Tom oversees monitoring of legislation in all fifty states and the federal government, is editor for the Legal Legislative Update and consults with schools around the country on legal, legislative and human resource issues. He also serves in various duties for the President and the ACSI Board of Directors. He also directs the HR Department at ACSI. Tom has been in Christian Education for over 40 years. In 2000, he founded and served as the Administrator for Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, Florida. He has his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. 

Even though this course is online, we ask all participants to dress appropriately for a professional setting.

For CSM members, log in to receive your CSM Member Price – a savings of $300.

For any other questions with regard to the Academy, please contact Simon Jeynes, Executive Director at: christianschoolmanagement@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received in writing to us up to 45 days prior to the event will result in fees being refunded less a 20% processing fee. After that date no refunds are available, but replacement registrants are welcomed. Attendance can be deferred up to one year without penalty.

Consent to Use of Photo / Video / Audio: Registration, attendance at, or participation in CSM meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant to CSM’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videos, electronic reproductions, screen shots, and audio of such events and activities.

3 Rivers Christian School, WA
Erin Hart, Head of School
For most of us who get involved in Christian schooling, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s unlike any other type of organization.  Training in the non-profit and for-profit world both fall short of addressing the unique circumstances of the business/ministry paradox in private Christian education.  In my first year as a head of school, I felt like an astronaut without a tether – very aware of all the vast things I didn’t know and not sure which way was ‘up.’  Transformation Academy served as my “ground control” experience.  Addressing both the strategic and the spiritual, I returned to my school with a framework for progress and a variety of effective tools for helping my board understand our specific opportunities for improvement.  Implementation of those improvements are on-going, but my school has gone from ‘swirling the drain’ to a financially-sound, mission-focused educational ministry.  Prayer, hard-work and great intentions can take you far – but it matters to first know that you’re going in the right direction.  Transformation Academy was paramount in determining our focus for change.
Calvary Christian Academy,DE
Aaron Coon, Head of School
The value in Transformation Academy is greater than the investment to attend. I arrived at Transformation Academy with 10 years of experience as head of school and felt like I left with the most valuable leadership training I had ever received for Christian education. Those two years changed my life and my trajectory as a head of school. I left that experience feeling equipped to make decisions that would radically change the effectiveness and sustainability of our school. Transformation Academy truly is transformational. That was five years ago. Since then, our school has grown, added a campus, built a strategic reserve, added highly qualified staff in administrative positions, and made changes to curriculum and programs to better meet the needs of our students. Everyone in Christian school leadership should participate in Transformation Academy to change the course of Christian education for the Kingdom!
Des Moines Christian School
Cade Lambert, Superintendent
Christian school leadership is more complex, more demanding, and more needed than ever. Traditional graduate programs fail to prepare Christian school leaders and provide ongoing support to address this reality. Transformation Academy provides the framework, content, and mentorship to prepare future and current leaders to thrive in leading Christian Schools. It is one of the only programs to comprehensively tackle critical leadership roles in the areas of finance, fundraising, board governance, spiritual leadership, and data-driven organizational benchmarking. If I were replacing myself in the role of HOS at my school, Transformation Academy would be mandatory for my successor.

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